An exceptionally creative branding project that brought large areas of illustration and branding into conjunction for me as an artist. Pixy Drips Eliquid is a brand that brings a childhood candy reminisce to an adult market. For lack of words, a "smoking alternative" brand. This brand came with the idea of Pixy Sticks a sweet childhood favorite. Holding on to that sweet flavor expectation as well.


The Logo was inspired by the original Pixy Sticks branding. A rounded logo shape with grunged text to reflect more of a natural sugar like texture. For a more copyright safe brand, I used Pixies "fairy" like hints. Some names and design elements. Illustrating a non typeface logo of a pixy stick with the top open, each flavor based elements bursting out. The intial flavor was grape and influenced the name Grape Dust! Ideally a color pallete of purples and reds, aong with traces of greens. The choice color palette reflected the originality and the future growth of the brand. * It had to keep a difference but also the childhood candy reminisce.


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