New York's Top Cosmetics Doctor. Whom has a line of cosmetic products on the market now and may be releasing a new series. This is where my cretive processes come in to play. I was brough this job with a broad but pin pointed direction. Clean, Top shelf but not to top... my thoughts.. this needs to be modern and clean, keeping its name but more appeal. Also James Bond was given to me as inspiration...

The Idea

I went for a more modern approach to ensure the client would enjoy it. My approach was to expensive looking.(Glass Dripper Image with 2 bottles show to the left) Multiple container types were presented and logo variations. Client was happy but it took some designer integrity to help make that decision. 1 Website with 2 page's mocked also. I really enjoyed the creating of cosmetic packaging.


Product Design, Web Design,Cosmetic, Modern

Dr.Kassir - Network Proposal

This project was offered to me through networking. A firm needed a designer to handle this case study.